"I'm Already Un-Gated For Shoes,
How Do I Start Selling Now?"
Introducing Our Exclusive Shoe Sourcing List
Higher Profit, Less Competition, Easy to Scale

We Offer These Unmatched Features

One & Only

Since our launch in March 2015, other shoe lists have sprung up on the market. Yet none can match up to our powerful offering. Shoe is our only focus and over time we've accumulated incredible amount of knowledge in selling shoes. Each shoe find is packed with tremendous amount of powerful data needed to make sound purchase decision.


If you are currently still aiming for $5 minimum net profit per sale, how does $15 minimum net profit per sale (after inbound shipping) sound to you? If you are pretty satisfied with $35 Average Sale Price (ASP), how do you like reaching $78 ASP? Selling shoes can get you there and our shoe list will get you there faster! You can literally generate your entire cash flow with shoes alone, if you so desire!


Are you frustrated with those non-gated category source lists that are shared among 250+ subscribers? We know how you feel and in fact we consider even 50 is too many. Therefore, we keep our list distribution at 25 max. Each day, Monday through Friday, only one list goes out and only a maximum of 25 subscribers receive it, regardless of which plan a person signs up with. We know you will like it.


How do you start selling shoes since you are now ungated? What data do you need to make sound buying decisions in this category? Our daily shoe source list will educate and equip you with the essential knowledge in sourcing and empower you to be a skilled buyer for shoes. For personalized assistance, my coaching program has you covered.

Plan Features

  • Saturday List Is Now Live!
  • 3 Lists, Completely Separate, No Overlapping Finds
  • A-La-Carte List For Try-Out Or Limited Budget
  • All List Are Features Comparable & Equal In Number Of Finds
  • Each List Contains 3 Plans: 2-Day, 3-Day & 6-Day
  • Access Lists Online, So No Tool To Install Example
  • Receive Text Alert When New List Is Released How
  • Month-to-Month Subscription, So Pay As You Go
  • Automatic Monthly Billing
  • Plan Switching At Any Time, Subject To Availability
  • Accumulative List History For Later Review Example
  • Save Hours Of Research Time
  • Responsive Support Via FreshDesk Or Facebook PM
  • Accept PayPal or Credit Cards Under PayPal
  • Waiting List Available When Lists Are Full
  • Discount Available For Multiple Lists Subscription

List Features

  • Each Day Each List Is Sent To 25 Clients Max
  • Lists Released Daily, Mon-Sat, By 12 PM, PST Exception
  • 10+ Finds Per Day
  • 50%+ ROI (After Inbound Shipping)
  • $15+ Net Profit (After Inbound Shipping)
  • 30K Or Lower (Top 3%) Amazon Ranking
  • 3.5+ User Reviews Rating
  • 70%+ Fit-As-Expected In General
  • 50+ Days of Keepa Price History
  • 70+ Online Retailers To Source From
  • Verified Cashback & Store Promotion
  • Verified Current Sellers Inventory
  • Verified Shoe Color Popularity
  • Check Brand Restriction And Inventory/Sold/Inbound Status
  • 100% Online Finds, No In-Store-Only
  • Clean And Easy-To-Read Layout Details


A-La-Carte & Subscription

Multi-List Discount Available


M / T / W / Th / F / Sat


  • Fit Any Budget
    No Monthly Fee
  • 10+ Finds Per List
    Part Of Subscription List 1 & 2
  • Available By 12 PM PST
    First Comes, First Served
  • Limited To 25 Clients


M+W / T+Th


  • Recommended Budget: $1500+/mo
  • 80+ Finds Per Month
  • Available By 12PM PST
  • Limited To 25 Clients
  • Limited Spaces!
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3-Day Plan



  • Recommended Budget: $2000+/mo
  • 120+ Finds Per Month
  • Available By 12PM PST
  • Limited To 25 Clients
  • Limited Spaces!
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5-Day Plan

Mon - Fri


  • Recommended Budget: $4000+/mo
  • 200+ Finds Per Month
  • Available By 12PM PST
  • Limited To 25 Clients
  • Limited Spaces!
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