Oct 20, 2017 Issue No.29

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Want To Build An Incredible Product? Strive For The Delta Of “Wow”

As a physical product seller and a software developer, I can see a common lesson we can learn. For those of us who are working on physical private label products to sell on Amazon, sometimes we focus on how soon we can put the products on sale. If we are building a brand, it’s helpful to be reminded that customer experiences with our products can go a long way to nurture the brand. When Steve Jobs’s book came out, I read it, and I remember one of three things he said about offering a physical product. To paraphrase it, it basically said a product should be built in a way that’s attractive to customers’ eyes and touches. For example, people are willing to pay quite a bit for just the beautifully-designed boxes that house the iPhone or iPad. Building a physical private label product from a customer’s perspective can yield favorable impression on the brand right from the beginning.

Turo Used by California Couple to Pay for Tesla Buys

Am I going crazy on this? Maybe a little. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area where Telsa cars are built. Not too long ago, I even visited the headquarters showroom to talk to the sales team about leasing one, with the same idea as this couple who is featured in the article. I would love the idea of driving across the country in a Tesla without paying a dime for electricity. While I am working on that dream, I also have two gadgets I helped fund through Kickstarter months ago that are finally on their way to me: reMarkable tabletand SkyKamper. Can’t wait!

Why Software Projects Spiral Out of Control

Chances are that you, as an Amazon seller, are using more than a few software tools in your business, and I am in the same boat. I am also building this kind of software as well: GatedListand QikFlips. The lesson here is that time is limited for each of us, and we ought to look for ways to be more efficient and effective, whether we are software builders or users. Are there processes in your selling that can be more streamlined or outsourced? I’ll bet there are. Today is the day to start finding a way to get your time back.

Amazon in the Spotlight

With the impression that Amazon is getting into many different markets, brick-and-mortar stores might still have a chance to compete if they pivot fast and focus on what Amazon cannot do yet. With so many cities pitching their bids for Amazon’s 2nd headquarters, I wonder how well the incentives being presented align with what Amazon really wants. Many have heard the success story of Barrington running his Amazon business from Jamaica, so it’s refreshing to hear a story from a couple from Romania who actually did not even speak English when they first started three years ago. If you are working on private label products to sell on Amazon, you are not alone as big companies including Amazon are doing private labelsas well.

Why I Get Up at 5 AM Daily

To be honest, I love working late into the night. But I’ve made an important decision to quit doing that, and I’ve started to hit the bed by 11 p.m. at the latest, so that I can get up at 5 AM. Now from a science perspective, it’s proven that some DNA controls our natural biological clock. Most people, myself included, have a normal biological clock that tells us that we ought not to work late into the night. Our body sustains itself with various functions triggered at certain points in time for maximum health benefits, so violating that by staying up late chronically brings illness to one’s life. For example, the liver processes body toxins during our sleep at night. Staying up at night will interrupt that important process and leave toxins untreated. So, my fellow entrepreneurs and Amazon sellers, please take care of our health by sleeping and waking up on time, so that we have a healthy body to enjoy the fruits of our labor in business. Cheers!